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Installations guide for Unofficiall CyanogenMod 11 by Psx project AD. DONORS VERSION!

Friends. I hope that you understand the risks if you install non manufacturer firmware .
 I do not take any responsibility for it. Support for your device manufacturer over. A Cyanogenmod not support all our device.
I also hope that you are able to without help install the firmware. That is, you have a smart head and straight arms)

Lets beginn

The most important condition, you should have unlocked bootloader on your device.

I will not waste time explaining how to do it. Then your helper SEARCH

The second important condition is custom recovery, 
also I will not explain how to install it.
If these two conditions are met, you can install.

Друзья. Я надеюсь, что вы понимаете, риски, если вы установите прошивку не от производителя.
  Я не беру на себя ответственность за это. Поддержка производителя нашего устройства закончена давно. CyanogenMod не поддерживает вообще наше устройство.
Я также надеюсь, что вы сможете без посторонней  помощи установить прошивку. То есть, у вас есть умные головы и прямые руки)
Тогда начнем)

Важнейшим условием, вы должны иметь разблокированный загрузчик на вашем устройстве.

Я не буду тратить время, объясняя, как это сделать. Затем ваш помощник ПОИСК

Вторым важным условием является наличие кастомного рековери,
Также я не буду объяснять, как его установить.
Если эти два условия выполнены, вы можете приступить к установке.

1.Download  Unofficiall CyanogenMod by PSX project AD
2.Put this file on external SDcard
3.Reboot you device in to recovery mode
4.Wipe factory reset
5.Wipe cust partitions
7.Choose zip from externel sdcard
8.Choose FILE with CyanogenMod
10.If is it finish reboot to normal mode
11.If is asked for fix superuser permissions, allow it to do.
If you device is booted adjust netconnections(wifi or mobile) , open app menu and start BUSYBOX INSTALLER app. Grant superuser privilege to this app, choose busybox version 1.20.2 and tap install.
It must to be like this
After that installations is completed. Enjoy!

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  2. Thank you for the wonderful pack!
    When will the pack reallease for non donate users?
    Do you have any plans to make cm12 packs for u9508?

  3. Maybe..I dont known, first i need to fix major bugs, like click-click from speaker in deep sleep.
    If P6 get android 5.0, i will try. If not get, it will not possible wihtout proprietary source

  4. I am in China ,and donate you from here is really difficult... I do not use PayPal or something. Sorry. Wish you can reallease the new version as soon as possible, because some major problem ,like bluetooth and GPS is killing me.
    By the way, do you fix the problem that the software can not read sdcard0 in the new pack? Lots of software break because they can not find sdcard0 and write in it.

    1. Hi. Well, good questions) I really dont known..I dont see any reason to publish CM11, GPS, BT are working perfect. But major bug is click-click from speaker in deep sleep. If i find a solutions, mb i will publish it..
      By the way. To fix you problem with sd card, you need to format internal storage in CWM or TWRP. This bug you get because of chinese recovery

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  6. Этот комментарий был удален администратором блога.

  7. Привет, не совсем понял, после доната тебя тут отписаться надо что-бы получить прошивку?)

  8. Are you still working on this...? On Chinese fourms, there are lots of people waiting for your pack.
    Hope you can keep working on u9508.
    BTW, it's difficult to donate you from China. Most of us do not know how to use paypal, and you know, even visit your site is difficult enough.We have gfw.
    Wish you can reallase the pack. We are waiting for you in China!

    1. Yes, i still working on that) But now i am working on my owner ROM based CyanogenMod 11)
      So< just wait anly for the release is very bad ideas, i was think that you in china can make more as me) because this is yours manufacturer. And mb you can ask them for some source for this phone)
      So, you can follow me on FB, what can i do, i can not chieneses..
      I have page on FB and closed group for donators) But ROM exist still and we use it))

    2. Huawei has already stoped all update service... Infact, they said that they will update it to 4.4 one and a half years before, but infact, they do nothing on it.
      In China, most devolopers has stopped making packs for it.
      SO as far as I know, you are the last person who still keeping on U9508...
      This is all information I learn in China.

  9. Поддержал проект донатом, на связь никто не вышел...

    1. Павелб я ответил Вам в фейсбуке. Вы там проверяли..

  10. Поддержал проект донатом, на связь никто не вышел...

  11. Поддержал проект донатом, на связь никто не вышел...